Universities are not only centers of excellence in education, with their faculty formed almost entirely by masters and doctors who take years to develop dissertations and theses that greatly contribute to the development of UK’s academic standards. Professors who work in public universities, where they only enter through competitive competitions, are therefore highly qualified staff, something that in much lesser degree exists in basic education. There are units of various public higher education institutions in UK that are made up of 100% doctoral professors (there is also a much higher proportion in relation to private colleges). In addition, public university faculty work on an exclusive dedication basis, which means that they are fully dedicated to their university activities and may not have other jobs, and this is a very relevant quality criterion around the world, something that it naturally increases the costs of the university.

Role of Public Universities in People Welfare
The public universities in UK are responsible for nothing more, nothing less than 99% of the scientific research developed in the country. For all this, public universities, far from being costs, are investments of the country invested in the welfare of its people and it was not for any other reason that before the impeachment coup, especially between 2010 and 2014, UK invested a lot in higher education. When hundreds of institutes and universities were opened across the country, especially in the inner cities, which led to the expansion of vacancies by many thousands. Of course, all this expansion did go smoothly or with the necessary counterparts, as in the past was largely expanded during the period of David Cameroon’s administration.

Work on a strong Structure
The first word of the Essay Writing Help is essential to attract the attention of your reviewer. The first lines of the text should be dedicated to clearly conveying the idea of your essay. An introduction that has a wow effect on the reader ensures a more generous assessment. It is important to remember that writing in public universities should be structured with introduction, development and conclusion.

Public Universities & essential role of Government
The public university is expensive, because it is not only a place where it is taught, but also a place where there are hospitals, laboratories, where there is equipment and the need for maintenance; where services and returns are offered to the country and its people, at a cost that may seem high, but it is actually an investment, and it is also far below what the developed countries have historically applied to their universities. Therefore, the role of UK Government is essential for to develop as a strong and sovereign country, with a happy people, well attended and proud of their education.